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SASS Events

SASS has many events throughout the year. We hold club meetings during the winter months and have a contest practically every weekend from March through October. See the calendar to find a time. It links back here for general details on an event.

SASS Contest Fee Schedule

No Fly Dates

The field is closed closed to flying, or has restrictions to flying on this date. Contact the SASS Board for the latest updates.

SASS Club Meetings

SASS holds indoor meetings in the winter. We have a show-and-tell of our latest projects, update club members on club business, and generally have a guest speaker on a topic of soaring interest such as aerodynamics, electronics, flying technique or interesting places and flying events. Meetings are held at
Kirkland Middle School Follow the link for dates and details.

Wednesday Fun Fly

SASS holds a fun-fly event every wednesday afternoon, Spring through fall, at 60 Acres Park in Redmond WA. We'll be on the south side of the road, you can't miss us! Come out and see what R/C Soaring is all about, meet folks and get a chance to fly. Events are sometimes cancelled due to weather, so be sure to check your e-mail from for the latest updates, or contact Paul Measel for the latest updates. Launch gear will be set up for the active fun-fly events. Wednesday afternoons and evenings are reserved for us all year, for the South Field. Drop-in flying is permitted during the soccer off-season for both the North and South Fields. The 60 Acre Park useage schedule is posted at

Open Flying

The field is open for sport flying on open flying dates.

RES, 2-Meter and Wood Wings Contests -

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Come on out to Carnation Farm for a multi-class soaring event. RES (Rudder/Elevator/Spoiler), 2-Meter and Wood Wings planes will compete against similar airplanes, and where qualified, against other classes for handsome awards plaques and bragging rights. Contact Loren Steel: lorensteel@*SPAM*

SASS HLG Contests

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SASS runs approximately one contest a month from March Through October. Typically held at Carnation Farm, the pilots meeting is at 9am, with the first round starting shortly thereafter.

Up to the minute details can be found in the Pacific NW Hand Launch Contests thread on RC groups.

Radian One-Design Thermal Contests

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If you're interested in soaring, there's no better way (and no more fun way!) to learn than to enter a contest. Does that sound scary? Too complicated? The ParkZone Radian makes it easy! Constructed of durable, flexible foam, the Radian has a 2-meter wingspan and uses a motor and propeller for launching. No winches or high starts are needed. Just plug in the batteries and go.

We hold contests for stock radians so the contest is all about skill. Paul Bower hosts the contests and they are guaranteed to be fun and educational. There's even a joke contest, and most days lunch is avaialable at the field. Come join us!

Altitidue Limited Electric Soaring (ALES)

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(Two one-day contests, trophies awarded both days) Carnation Farm 28785 NE Carnation Farm Rd Carnation, WA 98014

This is a NWSS Season Points Contest!

Registration 08:30 AM. Pilots meeting 09:00 AM.

Start Flying 9:30 AM AMA membership required.

Fees: $15/day, Second Glider $5/day

CD: Sandie Pugh cell 253-653-3052

Assistant CD: Jim Pugh cell 253-217-5738

Classes: Open/Unlimited/RES and Radian/2 Meter

Awards: 1st-3rd Place Open/Unlimited/RES both days.

1st Place only Radian/2 Meter both days

50’ Landing lines

Altitude limiters required, Setting 150 meters / No self-timing.

ALES League and AMA rules apply/ This is a Man-on-Man Event; No thermal sensing devices allowed.

Tasks: Man on Man, First Round 6 Minutes, Varied tasks the rest of the day.

Last round Sunday @ 2:30 PM

Scoring Courtesy PASS

Lunch included in contest fees.

Please contact CD for gate code for non-SASS members


Funfighter Pylon Racing

CD: Rick Helgeson

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Feel the need for speed? Come on out with your FunFighter(tm) and turn the sticks at ludicrous speed! FunFighters are inexpensive warbird models that we race head to head. Bring a helmet and some glue!

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